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The Workout Process Center at the Spiritual Workout Center

All of us know some things about ourselves. All of us want to know more.

The Workshops and Seminars are intended to be a series of conversations about life; how it happens; how it works; how you can use what’s happening in the moment to find yourself. The conversations include story, question, inquiry, conclusion, exploration and sharing. We can talk about everything and anything that matters.

I'm not here to tell you what to do or what choice is best. What I want to do is reveal, if I can, the underlying structures, processes and programs that are the natural order that is human being. With these, you can begin to choose consciously. You can design and become the person you want to be.

I invite you to walk the sacred journey of becoming You.

Workshop Topics

Understanding the facets of you.
Understanding the layers on layers of you.
Why are my thoughts so chaotic?
Looking at Triggers and how they work.
What in my life is not working.
What in my life is working?
Living from the heart.
Finding your True Self.
Design your own way of being.
Connect with your Spirit/Soul Self.
Find your Center.

Belief Systems:
Understand your belief systems.
How it was created.
And how it influences you.

Tools for Living:
Understand question as movement.
Using Oracles to find the 'truth'.
The 'games' we create that don't work any more.
What can I do to have the life I want?
The power of question.
Design your life.
Tools for living a truly spiritual life in today's world.

Understanding how relationship really work.
Why do we choose the relationships we do?
Design your relationships.
Design your life roles.
What can I do to enhance or repair the important relationships in my life?
The 'games' we create that don't work.

How do I grow away from childhood ideas and practices.
How can I learn to love my parents again?
How to repair the damages of childhood.
How to replace guidance, love and understanding lost in childhood.

Consult the Oracles: I Ching, Runes, Medicine Cards, Sacred Path Cards

Pick a book or author you wish to discuss.