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The Workout Process Center at the Spiritual Workout Center

It is your choices and intentions that transform your life.

When you take control of these, you take control of yourself and your life.

When you can hear what you are really thinking and feeling during the moment, you are ready to begin the Workout Process.

The Workouts work through the transformation of:
-old thought to new thought,
-old emotional practices to new ones and
-old ways of looking at the details of you life to new ones.

The Workouts are usually triggered by an emotional flare from some event, argument, traumatic incident or a general feeling of unhappiness or helplessness. This is the moment when you are most willing to work on what is not OK in your life. When you are most upset (at the peek of the flare), you are most willing to tell it like it is - to tell the truth - about how you feel and what you think.

The process takes the form of a conversation; with yourself, with an Oracle, with a Committed Listener or Coach. It is an exchange of information, an exploration of ideas, feelings, questions and answers. The result can be clarity and transformation.

To begin the Workout Process, you will need a notebook, journal or computer, a pencil or keyboard and a private place to work.

Each session has four parts:
Discovery - an expression of feelings and thoughts about an issue or incident
Inquiry - a look at what you want or need to know
Resolution - an exploration of possible actions or changes in thought or point of view
Thank You - an expression of gratitude and appreciation

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Workout Topics:
Everyday Life Workouts:
-Discovering Hidden Triggers and Beliefs
-The Belief Sorter
-Listening without filters

Transformation Workouts:
-Re-parenting Self (healing childhood issues)
-Conquering emotional addictions
-Transforming Relationships

Clearing Out Old Thoughts and Emotional Patterns:
-Working with Layers
-This makes no sense!
-I Have A Question!
-I Need Guidance

Workout Centers:
The Dream Stage
The Magic Slate
The Meadow
The Canyon

Tools For Living:
The Thinking Map
Not This But That
New Techniques for Happiness