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About Phyllis Weiland at the Spiritual Workout Center

In this lifetime, I have been a seeker since I was 15.

I went looking for love and found truth.
I went looking for truth and found me.

I cannot count the number of questions I have asked, or the number of answers I have received. I am interested in how life works and what information and powers we can access to take control of our own lives and happiness.

In many other lives, I have been willing to give everything I have, even my life to bring someone I love happiness or peace or healing. It wasn't enough. I think my error was in believing I had the power to do that. I knew I was OK, but even that didn't seem to be enough. I felt a complete failure.

At one of my lowest moments, my daughter said to me, "Mom, the only certain way you can lose, is to quit." From that point forward, I found that I could keep on trying, because I knew that if I stopped trying - if I quit - I would surely fail. And that was unacceptable to me.

So I went on a quest for knowledge - looking for what would make my loved ones happy. I have learned that selfless-ness doesn't work for me. I have heard for centuries, that service and selfless-ness are the most powerful work in All That IS. I know that it must be so for many, because there are many who walk this path.

But for me, it has become necessary to experience what I feel - all the emotions, wants, needs - every single experience available to me. Only I can create my own happiness. Only I can bring myself to the place of peace that lives within me. I can contribute to another's happiness, but I can't make it happen. I can offer information, assistance, guidance, whatever, but if they don't make use of it, it is as nothing.

I have learned so much!!
-I can access my intuitive Self
-I have taken the steps to integrate my emotional self with my heart self and with my thinking self.
-I can see into past lives and childhood events.
-I can communicate with guides and loved ones both here and in the beyond.
-I can talk to invisible beings and see energy systems.
-I can use what I see for healing and for helping others to grow as I have grown.

I have lived as daughter, wife, mother and grandmother. My children are now grown and most of my grandchildren are in school, and it's time to share what I have learned.

I have been teaching, part time, for the last 25 years. My students are individuals and couples. Some have been as young as 11 and some as old as 70. Some have moved quickly to that place where they are consciously designing and re-designing their lives, their actions, their thoughts and their words. Some have had to work a longer time. Some are still struggling. It matters not. If we continue the work, it will work.

My Story

All my life I have sought - even hungered for - happiness. I have searched for someone to love me just the right way, so I knew that I was loved and lovable. I have sought for just the right belief system. I have sought wisdom and understanding and the reasons for the way things happen to me. I have tried to find out why, or what, or who was the cause of my unhappiness, so I could change the way I felt. I have asked a million Wise Beings a million questions. The theme of my seeking has been two-fold: What's it all about?, and How can I find happiness?

I'm afraid I'm one of those people that must understand before I can change. Just making a will choice for change has never worked for me. I would always sabotage it - somehow.

I am happy now. I am loved. AND I know now that I am absolutely lovable. But, none of the effort mentioned above got it done. It all helped. It all made a difference. It all was part of what got me here and, as such, was most valuable. But, by itself, it didn't get it done.

For me, one key was understanding the natural order that is our existence. Another was designing my own processes - ones filled with compassion, acceptance, intentionality, persistence and a willingness to start again and again and again - as many times as it takes to move forward, even if just a little. Another key was learning to recognize who and what I am, how I do things, why I do what I do. Finally, it was the choice to be who I know myself to be, choose what is right according to my beliefs, create what matters to me, be generous with what I have to give and always choose to come from compassion and my heart.

Again, I am happy now. I am content with myself. I am productive. I am doing the things I want to do. My relationships work. I am being the kind of person I want to be. My life has in it the things, people and activities that I want. This is all true now - after 40 years of seeking. I thought it was about trust. I thought it was about knowing. I thought it was about be what people needed me to be. I am so glad I was wrong.

About Phyllis' et al at the Spiritual Workout Center

A message from my guiding Beings - There are many of us working to uplift and assist the people of your planet. We call our project: The Healing of The Hearts of the People of the Planet.

The World does not need another belief system to join or follow.

The people of the world want to be healed, want to be happy, want to have a chance to express their true selves.

They want lives that work and relationships and communities that work as well.

One way to achieve this is through The Healing of the Hearts of the People of the Planet.

As has been taught for centuries, Know Thyself Comes First. But we have learned that a working understanding of the structures and processes that make your universe what it is can be a tremendous help.

It is because you have chosen compassion as your path for learning that this Center is possible. Compassion, as you understand it, is a true path to the heart.

Compassion -
Permission for you to be, do, believe whatever is appropriate to you
Permission for me to be, do, believe whatever is appropriate to me
To choose to come from the heart, no matter what

The information, practices and processes expressed as the work of The Spiritual Workout Center will make a difference in the world. This information and these practices are being given in response to the outcry for help in this area.

We offer our assistance and guidance to all of you through this Center. Thank you for your asking and for your listening.

As always - with love and joy and appreciation for All That IS,
PHYLLIS' et al.