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Schedule of Events
Presenter - Phyllis Weiland

Day Date Time Event Topic
Sat Dec 12, 2010 1:00pm Let's Talk Design Your Own Way of Being
Sun Dec 12, 2010 1:00pm Let's Talk Understanding the Facets of You
Sat Dec 18, 2010 1:00pm Let's Talk What can I do to Enhance or Repair the Important Relationships in My Life?
Sat Jan 8, 2011 1:00pm Let's Talk Looking at Triggers and How They Work
Sun Jan 16, 2011 1:00pm Let's Talk Using Oracles to Find the "Truth" and Understanding

Design Your Own Way of Being:
You have inside of you a beautiful being, full of love and joy and creativity. This being peeks out now and then. When this happens a special feeling happens. Somehow you know - It feels good - The world feels good from here.

There is a process, a way of looking at life that can allow this Being, this precious part of you, to be present most of the time. This way of looking at life can be learned and used every day of your life.
"Let's Talk"

Understanding the Facets of You:
Are you confused by conflicting thoughts and behaviors. One moment you are happy and involved; the next - confused, angry and unable to continue working or communicating. What happened in the moment it took to make the shift?

You shifted on a thought. That thought took you to another facet of you. You've heard about the "Ego" and the "Id". You've heard about the "Inner Child". I'm sure you've heard and read many explanations for this split in our personalities.

I would like to suggest a different way of looking at this.
I believe:
-That there is a faceted structure to our human being.
-That each facet has an innate order and a set of automatic programs that are our first response.
-That we can become aware of this order and these programs.

We can gently design responses that allow us to create a way of being that works; one that can bring us joy and contentment.
"Let's Talk"

What can I do to Enhance or Repair the Important Relationships in My Life?
Sometimes relationships happen, but mostly, they are built. They can be built by default. They can be built by design. Which do you want? How would you change the relationship(s) you are currently in?

If you have the desire to rebuild or recreate a relationship, this information and these practices may be of some help. If you and your partner want to rebuild, it moves much faster. If only one partner has the desire to rebuild, this one will truly benefit. But both will receive some portion of the gifts that come from this work.
"Let's Talk"

Looking at Triggers and How They Work
Something happens or something is said, and in a flash, you experience a flare of emotion that not only surprises you, but has you saying and doing things you later find you wish you hadn't.

Does this sound familiar?
Does it happen more than you want it to?
Where does this behavior come from?
Why can't it be controlled, even stopped?
Must I be a victim of this forever?

These behaviors were developed in our early childhood. We either created them from incidents or learned them from the people around us. They may even have come from a past life. They are our first response. We call them "Triggers".

As much as we would like to, we cannot change our first response. But once we recognize it as a response we don't want, we can design a second response. We can have the second one ready for the next time a "Trigger" happens. We can stop the first response as quickly as it is recognized and use a second or even a third.

I have developed processes that can work!
"Let's Talk"

Using Oracles to Find "Truth" and Understanding
For me, Oracles have become this magic conversation with a Wise Teacher. It feels like sitting down at the table with someone who understands life, understands people and, most importantly, understands me. I am able to get input and ideas that I have been unable to create on my own. You can learn to do this too.

I use each one differently:
-The I Ching Workbook - Practical questions about everyday events
-The I Ching - An in-depth exploration of an idea or event
-The Rune Stones - Exploring how I feel
-The Medicine Cards - Exploring my behavior
-The Sacred Path Cards - Exploring future possibilities
-Angelynx Cards - exploring hidden thoughts and ideas

Each Oracle seems to address a different facet of the information being requested,
-The questions must be as clear as possible,
-The answers sometimes address facets of the question before addressing the question asked.

Ask questions - lots of questions:
-Why do I feel this way about that?
-Why is this person doing this to me?
-What is happening in this situation?
-What will happen if I try to do this?
-Why does this event make me feel this way?
-Is this choice good for me
-What is the best path for me and my life at this point?

Bring some of your toughest questions, and
"Let's Talk"