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About Phyllis' Philosophy at the Spiritual Workout Center

I believe:
That we create our lives with our thoughts and feelings.
That through the proper use of compassion, we can transform anything in our lives or in ourselves.
That when we take responsibility for what happens in our lives, we have the power to transform.

That we are eternal beings incarnating in a series of lives for some purpose.
That we exist inside a layered "vehicle"; part animal, part human being, part soul or Self.
That each of these layers have innate automatic programs that can be understood.
That we can work with and add to these programs in a way that brings happiness and contentment.

That we are guided by a part of ourselves I call High Self.
That we are guided by beings from our Soul Family and loved ones who have passed.
That we are also guided by teachers and angels from many realms.
That we can hear their ideas and words in our heads and hearts.

That we can know what's right or wrong for ourselves, if we know how to listen.

I am a seeker - I want to share what I have learned - I want to learn from you.