Sunrise through the grass - Spiritual Workout Center at Phyllis

SWC - Working on Self - Designing a Life You Love

Here you can find out about the systems that run automatically in every facet of your life. You can find out how to use compassion to accept yourself just the way you are - right now. You can learn what is driving the behaviors and practices that take you away from the life you want. You will learn how to gently shift these behaviors and responses and open yourself up to new practices, points of view and new ways of being that will change your life forever.

You can transform:
- old thought to new thought,
- old emotional practices to new ones and
- old ways of looking at the details of you life to new ones.

We work with the whole being
- to integrate all the levels of you.
- to reveal current behaviors and practices
- to give you the power to create a life you love.
It is our intention to empower each individual who chooses to do the work.
We work with you on the transformation:
- of your Self
- of your Life
- of your Relationships
- of your Belief Systems
- of the everyday experience that is your life

Our Philosophy
I think about this Center as a civilian monastery.

The Work you will do here is not about getting results. It's more about who you get to be. It's about you consciously creating a design for experiencing every moment of your life.

Here you can learn to hear what you are really thinking and feeling in the moment.

You can learn to design your approach to the choices and events that confront you everyday.

It is your choices and intentions that transform your life.

When you take control of these, you take control of yourself and your life.

The Spiritual Workout Center offers you tools.
You can find a purpose for living and an expression of yourself that is exciting and fun and fulfilling.
You can make a difference in the world - in a small way or in a large way.
You can choose. You can become the expression of yourself that you truly want - no matter where you are now.

Our tools for living are based on the following ideas.
As human being, we choose certain automatic responses to what happens to us at all ages:

As animal being we are driven by instinctual behaviors and reactions as old as time - all in the name of survival: physically - practically - socially.

As soul being, we want things now, with no effort, no pain, and no consequence.
"It should be easy.";"It should be clear.";"Why isn't it??"

Inside of this: We Are; We have a heart; We have a purpose.
- We have core beliefs.
- We are connected to God and the Universe.
- We are truly a unique being that is just us.

There is a part of us that:
- Knows more than we do, can see farther, can look at things without fear
- Feels the rightness or wrongness of what we are doing or what is happening to us
- Recognizes what we really want in an ever changing world
- Connects to and integrates all of this
- Knows what brings us joy, peace, contentment, love, generosity, integrity
- Creates a way of being and living that works

When you can see this process
- You can understand why you automatically respond the way you do,
- Why you come to the conclusions you come to,
- Why you reach for the results that don't quite satisfy you,
- That you use your experiences - not your desire or your heart - to guide your choices and your behavior.

Why open this Center? I am opening this Center - On Line - Now - because I have come through. I have finally come out to the "other side". I want to share what I can see now, what information I have, what processes worked for me.

I invite you to join me on this path. Become a part of my "Civilian Monastery". Start the process. Find your path and your Self through the work available here.

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Phyllis brought her no judgment, appreciate all reactivity for the shadow that it is, seek the source of the fear in each individual, approach into our relationship. She added dimensions of understanding to the work to [help us] recognize and stop using habitual patterns of reaction. She helped increase [our capacity for] forgiveness. We are doing better now and I greatly appreciate her presence in our lives. - Virginia